Infographic: How to Become a Low Impact Traveller?

September 15, 2016 - 1 minute read

Infographic: How to Become a Low Impact Traveller?

Long are the days when eco-travel started as an idea. Today is April 22nd in which we celebrate the Earth Day. We have created this infographic that will help you with good practices on how to become a low impact traveller.  Nowadays, this type of conscious travel is becoming a trend over frequent tourists around the globe.

Smart Tourism Mexico also cares and takes important steps towards becoming a greener and more sustainable entity. Hence, we encourage both our clients and public in general to take notes on this easy-to-follow guidelines.

With this in mind, We hope you like it!

low impact traveller

These are just brief guidelines, more is to come and it is our choice to take actions that minimize tourist impact on the environment while empazising on positive local culture, economics and environment welfare.

In conclusion, being a low impact traveller is not a difficult task. Moreover, be part of the change and make this world greener! Be Smart, Travel Smart.