Earth Day Special: How To Become a Low Impact Traveller?

April 22, 2016 - 4 minutes read

Earth Day Special: How To Become a Low Impact Traveller?

Earth Day is our opportunity to highlight the marvelous places that the planet has created for us since many years and until now. Ecotourism is increasingly being promoted as travel that does not harm local ecosystems and cultures. In the Riviera Maya, you can experience ecotourism at its best amidst the wonderful dense jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula, lined by the Caribbean Sea.

Quintana Roo has developed impressive ecological reserves that protect and safeguard the diverse wildlife typical of this region.

How to Become a Low Impact Traveller?

  1.  Plan ahead to be prepared. Know what sort of activities you will be participating in before you go. Read up on the most environmentally conscious and ethical providers of the activities.
  2. Be a public transport fan. Swithc to nearby locations using the bus or any kind of public transportation..
  3. Go Local- Spend locally. Even if your trip is more urban-oriented, using local transportation such as buses, trains, trolleys or bikes still benefits the local economy and causes less environmental impact.
  4. Conserve natural resources. When traveling, apply the same rules you would at home. Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth and turn off lights and the TV when you leave. Also, most hotels provide (and recommend) the option of having your linens washed less often in order to conserve water.
  5. Take nothing but pictures. Taking a small stone or shell or picking up a flower can have a severe impact if done repeatedly.

Some Eco-friendly excursions that we recommend:

Sian Ka’an Private tour: Visit this breathtaking biosphere reserve which contains tropical forests, mangroves and mashes, as well as a large marine section intersected by a barrier reef. Tours to this area are only allowed in small groups in order to maintain its well being.

Sian kan Earth Day










Altournative´s Mayan encounter Tour: Get on an unforgettable Eco-archeological adventure. Visit the impressive site of Coba and discover the Nohoch Mul temple, the tallest temple in the Yucatan peninsula! In this tour you will also be able to do rappel down a cenote, and soar the canopy in breathtaking zip lines!

Coba Mayan Encounter Earth Day







A woman ziplining the jungle of Riviera Maya Earth Day Adventure

Contoy Island Private Tour. Contoy is a Natural protected area, which only allows a few visitors each day. Don’t miss your change and take advantage of its gorgeous crystal clear waters while you enjoy nature at its best. Surrounded  yourself by the most incredible wildlife you can see in Quintana Roo featuring one of the most pristine beaches in Mexico as well. Snorkel around the island while you gaze over 10,000 different bird species flying around you!

Isla Contoy earth day snorkel










These are just a few examples, many more are yet for you to discover them! Save up to 15% when booking in advance.

Don’t forget, the first step to become a low impact traveler is being a responsible traveller. Take care not only of your home but also your favourites destinations like Cancun & Riviera Maya. Keeping our beautiful beaches crystal clear and jungle green and full of wildlife is everyone’s task!

Have a lovely Earth Day!