Cancun Summer Vacation, this is not over yet!

July 28, 2015 - 5 minutes read

Cancun Summer Vacation, this is not over yet!

August still brings thrilling opportunities for enjoying a holiday trip to Paradise and truly enjoy a memorable Cancun summer vacation. Here are the 10 Smart tips for visiting the Mexican Caribbean!

  • Plan your schedule!

    Make the best of your Cancun summer vacation. Yes, sunbathing on the beach and enjoying the pool seems like a perfect plan. But there are lots of interesting things to do besides relaxing. Try going 50/50 on this so you can spend half of your holiday discovering the unknown.

  • Research for seasonal attractions!

    We did mention before the visit of the Whalesharks during the summer season. But this is not the only happening on August. The beaches of the Mexican Caribbean receive thousands of turtles coming to lay their eggs on the same beach they were born; if you are lucky, you might be able to catch this amazing moment.

  • Try local flavors!

    You may be buying and all-inclusive plan. That is to say, Mexican cuisine has been listed as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage List by the UNESCO. On this side of the country you can enjoy great Mexican and regional (Yucatecan) food in many award winning restaurants.

  • Get to know our history!

    Mayan culture is one of the few pre-Hispanic cultures that is still alive. While in Cancun or the Riviera Maya you can get in touch both with its past and their present. For this reason, archaeological sites such as Tulum, Coba or Chichen Itza are just around the corner!Together with the chance to visit one of its authentic communities. Enjoy a Cancun summer vacation – off the beaten path!

  • Go green!

    If you think of the Mexican Caribbean’s nature you might imagine the sea, the fish and the beach. However, the jungle hides a lot of excitement too! From ATV´s and horseback riding to zip lining through the trees, the adrenaline will join the gang on this experience.ATV cancun summer vacation riviera maya jungle adventure tours

  • Explore underground!

    The Yucatan peninsula holds the largest underground water system in the world. So swimming in the cenotes (water sinkholes) or underground rivers is the most extraordinary way to spend one morning and feel like being cleansed by nature. Watch out for it may be cold!

  • Move around!

    So you chose the perfect spot for your holidays! With this in mind, what about adding a little diversity by visiting the many spots that the Riviera Maya corridor has to offer? From Cancun to the Lagoon of Bacalar there are several spots worth visiting that range from virgin beaches to picturesque towns.

  • Enlighten your nights!

    Entertainment is indeed one important ingredient to a holiday trip and Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Believe us, we will not let you down on it! Learn about entertainment within your hotel, check for concerts or exhibitions and consider enjoying two amazing shows scheduled all year long: Joya by Cirque du Soleil and México Espectacular by Xcaret park.

  • Breathe in – go deep!

    Once you grasp the amazing view that’s above the sea, you are still missing the wonders that the underwater holds. The largest underwater museum in the world, MUSA, and the largest coral reef barrier in America. As an illustration these are just two of the many reasons to sign in for a snorkel or scuba diving tour.

  • Dolce far niente!

    I know I have encouraged you to do several activities. So keep in mind that after a day of sightseeing, the best way to relax and prepare for the next day of adventures will be at the comforts of your hotel. Remember your hotel is your home away from home for a real Cancun summer vacation.

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